health benefits to owning a pet

6 Ways Owning a Pet Is Good for Your Health

It turns out that owning a pet is more than just adorable cuddles and trips to the dog park. Owning a pet can also improve your overall health and wellness. On a psychological level, pets are shown to decrease levels of depression and anxiety. On an overall health level, owning a pet

what to do if pet has heatstroke

What to Do if Your Pet Has Heatstroke

As spring warms up into summer and the humidity and heat start to really set in, it’s good to remember that, like every other member in your family, you need to take extra care with your pet. You can become dehydrated and dangerously hot, which can result in falling unconscious at best, vital organ damage,

car and plane travel tips with pet

Tips for Pets Traveling by Car or Plane

Our pets are a beloved part of our family and sometimes this means that they have to travel with us when we undertake long journeys. As a general rule, cats seriously dislike traveling and are almost always better off at home in their own environment. Dogs are more amenable to traveling, but there are still

pet microchipping facts from animal care center of hays county in san marcos texas

Should You Get Your Pet Microchipped

Did you know that despite doing all we can to keep our animals safe, approximately one in three pets in the United States will become lost at some point during their lifetime? This is a scenario that no caring and committed owner wants to think about. By understanding that it is something that could happen,

dog dental hygiene tips from animal care center of hays county in san marcos texas

Pet Dental Hygiene & Oral Care

What is the Cause of My Pet’s Bad Breath? Don’t ignore your pet’s bad breath! Dental hygiene is often the cause of stinky breath, and it may indicate other important problems with your pet’s health. We understand how easy it is to miss. Many of the problems that stem from poor hygiene occur where

indoor and outdoor safety tips for dogs and cats

General Pet Safety

Keeping your pet safe is the most important part of keeping both you and your pet happy. When you first adopt a pet or new breed of pet — or even better, before you adopt them — be sure to research the basics of your pet. When you finally select a pet, talk to the

at home first aid tips for pets

Tips for Applying First Aid to Your Pet

As a concerned pet owner, you do everything you can to keep your pet healthy and happy. Despite your best efforts, however, illness and injury may occur. Knowing what to do in these situations can go a long way toward helping your pet recover. Here are a few first aid tips that can help you be

common dog health conditions and symptoms

7 Common Dog Health Conditions & Symptoms

Kennel Cough What is kennel cough? Kennel cough is highly contagious through airborne droplets. Like whooping cough in humans, it is an inflammation of the upper airways. It is typically a mild disease but it can advance to a life-threatening pneumonia. What are the symptoms?

common health conditions and symptoms in pets dogs and cats

5 Common Pet Health Conditions & Symptoms

Coughing Coughing is not a disease but rather a sign of an underlying problem in an animal. Dogs and cats cough because their airway is irritated, which can begin from inside the airway or as a result of disease processes in the tissues surrounding it. Identifying the Problem If your pet