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  • I love love love this vet. I adopted my terrier mix from the San Marcos shelter and this is where they sent him to receive his first vaccinations and where I had to pick him up from on his adoption day. I used this place for 2 1/2 years while I was in living there. My dog has gotten shots and neutered at this place and he's always been treated well. I couldn't be happier that the shelter chooses this place to send their animals.The vet and all the staff are great with the people and animals. They remembered me after the first time going and always offer great discounts. I've never had more than a 10 minute wait to see the vet even when I had to take him in suddenly because he had a reaction to his vaccinations. After that visit and hims getting neutered they even called to check up on him. When I called to set up an appointment at 2 pm on a certain day the receptionist even told me if I went after 4 pm it would be 20% off. Whenever I had to get an extra test during the same visit they didn't end up charging me for it. These are great people here and they're not just out for money. I only wish I still lived in San Marcos so my pup could still go to him. Again I love this place I wish I could it more stars.

    Danielle Chapman

  • The vet and office staff were very nice. My dog is timid and gets scared easily and they were able to ease her. The price is reasonable as well. I will continue to use this Vet.

    Rabecca Archer

  • 4.4 Google Rating